AMP meets on even months of the year. AMP is a time men of like faith get together to fellowship,

share testimonies, and hear the Word of God.






LIFT is a time women of like faith get together to have lunch, fellowship and hear the Word of God.

LIFT meets on odd months throughout the year.






New Breed, the student ministry of High Praise Worship Center is a place where students between the ages of 12 and 18 can come and learn truths from the word of God that affect their lives. At New Breed we believe in being more than just a place where teens and young adults go to get out of “big church”, we believe that we are training and equipping the future leaders of The Church. Through biblical teaching and ministry we are striving to see each and every student become the man or woman of God that God has called them to be. We also provide a place where Christian teens can fellowship with one another through our fellowship times. If you are a student, we would love to see you at one of our weekly meetings. We meet on Wednesday night at 7pm. We look forward to seeing you!



Our vision for Faith Force Kidz is to teach and train a new generation the Word of God through Biblical principles and Godly truths.  Our services are specially designed for kids ages 4 - 11 and are packed with powerful praise & worship, life sized characters, fun games, and Illustrated sermons that create a fun and exciting environment for kids to learn the Word of God.





New Breed Tots is the Nursery Ministry of High Praise Orlando.  At New Breed Tots we strive to minister to every member of your family starting with your young children.  This class is more than just babysitting!  While you are being ministered to in the adult service, your children are beginning to receive biblical lessons on their level. These classes assist the parents in teaching and training their children in the way that they should go.




 Special Forces Prayer Connect

This is a place where people who feel the call of intercession can come together and cover our church, families, city, nation etc. in prayer. Special Forces meets at different locations for prayer walks, as well as reaching out in prayer to those in our community.






Our goal with 'The Tribe,' is to reach out to all college students, singles, and young married couples, and give a place to fellowship with those of like faith. With Orlando having so many colleges in the area, and one of the largest in Florida, our goal is to reach out to those from ages 18-30, and provide a place for them to get plugged into a local church body. Too often can young adults "leave the nest" and fall out of a local body of believers. Here we give them a place to get plugged in, and grow in their walk with The Lord. We fellowship with activities such as: sports, food, bonfires, and much more while in the midst being able to share what  The Lord is doing in our lives.

'As iron sharpens iron, So a man sharpens the countenance of his friend.' Proverbs 27:17



Alive is a group where adults 50+ can gather and fellowship with each other and encourage one another.